Thursday, December 12, 2013

Commission: For Fishcake, 2 Dragon Doll size Yukatas.

Fabric is in the mail, (I can't wait to see it, she's a real artist, not a faker like me!) commission paid in full, and I'm posting the report post while T-mobile is being kind.

Go check out her fabulous art, sense of humor, doll collection, silly cat, and other things good and right, on her blog, Dolls, Art, Cats.

Barry being a bit girly with his obi. >.>  But then that's Barry. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Commission: Youkaimoon's Idealian 72; Kimono, Obis and Tabi.

Post moved up: Now on the sewing table.  In progress.

One Red Silk Kimono with a pieced lining of printed silk, 2 pairs of Tabi, and 3 Obi.
Also one pair of Tabi for a Soom Gem with Luts Senior Delf Feet.

These are the silk fabric photos sent to me by the customer. Gorgeous stuff.  It's to be worn as an outer kimono, and will look wonderful on a large doll like the Idealian.

The tabi are to be linen with cotton and the obi will be re-purposed silk ties.  I have an actual Japanese Tabi pattern I've been making people ones with, that will be miniaturized for the dolls.  The real ones close with pant hooks, but I'll use snaps on the doll ones. 

Correction: The Idealian is having toes separated and the Delf feet do have separated toes, so I had to charge extra for the more complicated work.  My Dragon Doll Uncles have sandal feet so I'm hoping to get a good "toe" fit on the tabi.  

Project to be finished before Christmas postal hell begins. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

My Dragon Doll MSD Kiki's Hip Socket Repair

I found some time today to finish the rest of this after starting a few days ago.  I needed her to stand up properly for a tutorial I'm doing for BJDCollectasy.  The previous rant about what it took me three years to figure out is here.  After years of being frustrated by her twisting and refusing to pose for no reason, despite the fact that every other Dragon Doll I have is almost magical when it comes to posing, I finally realized the problem was in her pelvis.

Finding some time few days ago, I used the Milliput epoxy to fill in the string holes in her pelvis, and then re-drilled the holes where the channel in the legs would line up properly.  I put her back together and tried her out for a few days. She stood up, on her own, no twisted spine, no awkward balancing act, she stood up and stayed up!

But her legs were still a little derpy when it came to posing like her bigger sister, Jiji.  So I had another look at her thigh pieces.  The channels had been drilled all over the place to make up for the miss placed holes in her pelvis, but I wasn't sure how badly until I looked at Jiji's thigh pieces.  So today, I filled in a bit of the mucking about and let the epoxy dry while I sewed for the tutorial.  You can see the repairs better in the larger view in another tab.

I held the pelvis piece up to the light, and there were actually thin spots right where the holes should have been drilled. So my conclusion is nothing was wrong with the mold. The finishing work was where things went wrong. Someone must have been over tired.
She stands so much better now, but I had her in her squishy new Happy Camille shoes, they have almost gel soles, and it was like trying to stand her on marshmallows.  But here she is, standing on her own, squishy sole shoes and all!  She'll be showing off in more photos from now on.

Part of the Underwear Tutorial Series

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Makai Ishi Mephisto Cosplay

To recap, way back in June, I fell for this sci-fi/supernatural manga which is part of the long series of Makai Toshi Shinjuku novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi.  Set in the mess the author made of Shinjuku, poop happens anywhere any time in the Demon City.  Hideyuki Kikuchi is called the 'Stephen King' of Japan. Frankly I think he's way more nuts.

I have this thing for big coats, which is where this cosplay comes in.  Starting out in the movie (the incredibly badly dubbed Demon City Shinjuku)  with a red trench coat, Dr. Mephisto has ended up in this huge swirling cloak.  Kairi Shimotsuki (Brave 10) was chosen by Hideyuki-san to draw this manga and how well she does it.  That cloak fascinated me and I had to figure out the mechanics of it.  Plus, my Kyou was a pretty good fit for the part.  So, after designs, eye fails and wins, restrings, and epoxy repairs, along with a ton of hand sewing, finally, I'm done.  And of course with fresh strings, he's just refusing to co-operate.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Epoxy Repairs with Milliput

While cleaning up Kyou for his restring, dunce that I am, I saw a dark spot on his palm and went at it with the 'magic' sponge.  Which didn't work.  Shocked, I turned the hand over to look at it.  OMG! it's a paper thin spot! And there I was scrubbing away at it, making it thinner from the outside!

It looked like it happened when his hook was being put in.  There are little curls of carved out resin where this spot is, still firmly attached in his hand base.  All the rest of him is good thick resin, he's a solid guy, and without having taken him apart to clean and restring, I never would have seen this at all.

I have it held up against a lamp to show the thin spot from the outside. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Week Plus of Mondays

Supposedly, Wednesday, the bathroom redo starts.  One day of which we will be banned from the flat because of chemical and paint fumes.  My agoraphobic cat's going to love that.  He'll be in his little stroller or his carry case for six hours of sheer terror on the back patio, probably squalling his lungs out.  I'll be doing much needed yard work and then settling down to hand sew for a while.  If it weren't so narrow out there, I'd run the power cord and take the machine out.  The bath being remodeled is right across from my sewing studio.  We'll see how that goes for working conditions.  It's a good thing I have those external noise canceling earbuds for my FauxPod.  We're hoping it's over before  Thanksgiving, but yeah...I know how remodels go.  Believe it when I see it.

So, yesterday just as I was nearing the completion of the hand sewn hem of the voluminous cape from hell and cheering myself on thinking YES! another 'my dolly' project done and by tonight, I can photograph it-- Kyou decided he was a rag doll.  I've had him since Dec 2009, and this is his first restring.  He was blindingly white.  Now, (except for his ears, why? O_o) he's a lovely ivory color all over, inside and out.  So , he's having a Monday.  After this past 4 weeks, I know exactly how he feels.

Kyou, my Dream Realm Black Crow (purchased from JunkySpot)
So this is it.  The first silicon sheet sueding I've ever done, along with his restring.  Took him apart, assessed the situation, lost my nerve, and I'm going to put him on a cookie sheet for later.  I'll work on him a little each day.  I've got patterning to do for Aernath's over due Sherlock lounge set project.  Fortunately, it's one I've done before and know it will take a week or less and I can bang it right into the mail as soon as it's done.  Then I'll be caught up for all the December work right on time.  *knock on wood*.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Commision: Aernath's Supia Doll Sherlock Lounge Set

Post bumped up, project now on the work table, late. >.<;;

The Sherlock lounge set, one silk robe, cotton t-shirt and cotton striped pj bottoms.  To be completed with in the next 4-6 weeks.  (<-- not...) 

Note: after this set, I am out of both fabrics MonkeyGraph was kind enough to sell me the remainder of.  

Image From Sherlockology

Saturday, November 2, 2013

DIY Eyes

 I've made a new rule for myself:  1 hour a day, I do something for my dolls.  It might not be something spectacular, but something.  Dust them, comb wigs or change then and eyes, resettle them in new poses, make a small repair, an hour of sewing or work on one of their projects, and eventually it will get done.  That sort of thing.  It has to be hands on the doll type stuff, not just looking for new ideas, shopping online for shoes, or >.>;; new heads.

Yesterday I got out the DIY eyes from Pupa Paradise.  Previously, I'd had a hard time assembling the ones I made for Kyou's Mephisto cosplay, there are tiny air bubbles in them.  I finally had it sorted in my head that using too much Gorilla crazy glue was part of the problem.  Also, the corneas really magnify the pupil. I buy the ones with no pupil, but they sell the pairs with with pupils, too.  They are also not domed, so they fit well in dolls with lowered eye lids or crinkled smile eyes.

I've studied a lot manga artwork (because I can't draw, but I can make myself miserable reading how-to-draw-manga books and tutorials...) and one of the things I found out is that pupil size isn't just a matter of light.  It's part of expressing thought and emotion in a character.  So I tried making a pair of 'intense' eyes, and a pair of 'dreamy' or 'thoughtful' eyes based on one of my favorite artist's work.

         Intense                                                                                   Thoughtful or dreamy

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Only Doll Zhou Yue Wins the Budget Decision.

In my previous post on doll shopping, I was waffling over Migma vrs Zhou Yue.  I finally made up my mind (and the car had a nervous break down) to just get the Zhou Yue head, because she has a slightly sweeter face.  Now I know Migma is supposed to be an avatar of evil, but yeah, I like Zhou Yue's smile and she'll fit on Jiji's body for now.  And pre-order/layaway for the head is only $18 something a month.  I usually pay the order off entirely when it comes in. With the longer layaway, if something comes up, I'm only out one Saturday night's dinner out a month.  The BFF said "Put a dollar in an envelope for every cup of coffee you drink. You'll have Migma money in a month!"  O_o  Do I really drink that much coffee?  (hides the coffee cup)  Don't answer that.

Photos swiped from Mint on Card.  If you want her, catch them before Nov 13, so your order will go in. ^_^   She's a 66cm tall girl when bought whole, with a nice little figure.  I wouldn't mind her in their pink, it's lovely, but since Jiji is golden yellow, the head must be as well.  Then if I get Zhou Yue's very nice body later, my girls will be sisters.

The Etsy shop is in Vacation mode

I'm putting the Etsy shop in vacation mode until January 2014, to catch up with ALL my orders in progress right now.  o_o

I’m also looking for sewers/stitchers to recommend to customer’s queries for custom smaller doll clothing items, in the Xaga 1/6 Lara (there are more sculpts, too), Barbie, Obitsu, Azone, Takara Jenny, Momoko, smaller fashion doll range.

If you know of someone who does smaller than YoSD, more like Lara down there in the photo, and is very, very good, please let me know so I can check out their work and have a list to pass customers along. ^_^V

Thank you!

Example for clarification: Tiny Fashion (or Anthro) dolls with late teen/mature figures.   There are dozens of excellent child type 1/6 doll stichers who are well known, but I haven't personally seen so many for this type yet.  I've just started looking, though.

Xaga's Lara type dolls, 1/6 mature figure/fashion dolls under 27 cm tall

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making Eyes for a Cat doll and finally, Cat ears.

Finished!  I'm not so good at painting white cats, but the eyes came out pretty good for a first try. So, moving up the post and rounding up my Cat theme, Jazz and Kiki. I wanted to get full daylight photos so it's a bit bright in the morning kitchen.

Jazz (in barbie clothes >.<;;) and Kiki with her finally finished ears. 
I'm debating a wig for Jazz, but her face up is okay.  Maybe later, I'll rethink it, but for now, it really does match the kitty I wanted her to resemble.  The barbie clothing was laying around from a long ago repaint, and settled the theory that barbie clothing fits freya.  Maybe some old skipper stuff, but nope.  It's all an inch too big around for her.  At least the skirt hangs low enough to let her tail pop on over the back waist band.

 Kiki's ears are the ZirconMermaid pair of cats ears.  I love their shape and waited forever to get a 1/4 size pair, but they were a pain to paint.  I used matte Mr. Super Clear on them and the paint just rolled off, so I cleaned them off and put the paint on the bare resin and while it tried to roll off as well, I put some matte gloss in the paint and it stayed put.  Once that first layer was on, everything else was fine.  Then I sealed them.  I went with trying to match Kiki's skin tone and very neutral so she could change wigs and still have her ears as correct as can be under the circumstances.  Now she needs her hip surgery.

More photos and the original starting post under the cut tag.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Information Main Menu

Notice: I do sew and tailor clothing for People. You can find that information at my Dressing Cats blog.  The Customer Waiting Lists are the same for both sides of my sewing business.


Doll Clothing Commission Information.

Customer Waiting List

My shop on Etsy.

Personal Projects I'm updating rather than making new posts for each time.


Contact is from Mon - Friday 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time Zone.  

I check my email in the morning and evening during business hours now that I no longer use a 'smart phone'.  You will have a response with in 24 hours.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

AngelsDoll 65 cm, Evan's Baseball Jacket from Soul Eater

This updating report is for AB

To fit an AngelsDoll slim male body: Deposit paid, expected finish October.

Edit: Post moved up for organizing projects now on the work table.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Commission Soul Eater Cosplay for Island Doll Amber and Doll Love Luck

KH has sent her deposit and is booked for October 2013.  Start date, October 1, 2013.
Island Doll Amber: Maka's trench coat
Doll Love Luck: Death the Kid's black and white suit and shirt with red line trim.

Post moved up for organizing current project on the work table.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Commission Volks YoSDG Jun as Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Pristine Crimson has ordered a Madoka outfit for her adorable Jun Tachibana.

School Tunic, with a faux undershirt collar, bow, the pleated skirt and socks.  The fun part is, I have an almost exact woven plaid I could not resist buying last January and there it was, the perfect one for the school uniform!  One of the things I like about this uniform is the use of lace or ric-rac edging and the architectural puff sleeves.  There's also a little keyhole opening in the back which will make it much easier to get over her head, and a seam down the back that I can cheat with a concealed opening.

I'm aiming for the third week of October or sooner delivery on this one.

Post moved up for organizing projects currently on the work table.
Not Madoka but one of her classmates, in the uniform. Official picture, studio artist's work. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Budget Doll Shopping, Mixing and Matching Dolls

Skipping over all the controversy, I've always looked for dolls on a budget.  Lately I've been looking for a new SD girl body to work with.  My Dragon Doll girl has a longish abdomen that puts mini-skirts on her at just above knee on other dolls.  I can adjust for that in patterning, but for some designs, she's just not the right model.

Because I was down with something icky this weekend I spend a lot of time with the stupidphone (I refuse to call them smart) looking through doll sites and comparing dolls.

Before I was happily thinking, okay, healthcare as soon as the california web site actually works then I'll know how much to budget for a Migma from Soom. (Note: the site seems to work, until you get to the price comparisons  then it's like Whut? We'll wait a bit longer until things settle down more since coverage doesn't actually happen until January.)

Then I was looking at doll faces (still searching for a certain head 'look', rather than have to make my own!) and saw the Only Doll Zhuo Yue.  And I thought....wait a minute...


And then the body.  (Yes they are naked dolls, how the heck else are you supposed to actually compare them?)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Retro Butterick B5813 Part 2

I started this project a while back with every intention of finishing it in a week or so.  Well, mice, men, plans, as the poet said.  It's done!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Postage Fees, International Requirements, Customs.

It's official, the United States Postal Office is insane.  Every blasted time I go to post something, a rule or a set of charges has changed.  So:  

1. Nothing any seller can do is going to make everyone happy.  

2. Yes, any fees like Paypal, and listing fees, should be factored into the original price, that is the COST of the item.  I do that myself as much as I can.  However to insist on the customer not paying for fees is like asking the seller to give you money for buying from them.  Think about that.  Seriously.  

3.  ?@$^%$#%! Postal charges!  I'm always ending up paying out of pocket for international shipping and it makes me so bitter, because I'm basically giving away the money I worked hard to earn.  Especially when it goes up by $12 USD here and $12 USD there, and I only charge minimum wage as my payment to ME.  Which is going up in California in June of 2014 so YES, I will raise my prices accordingly, because with the minimum wage hike, all the prices will go up and we'll all be right back where we started, only more inflated than before.  

4. You can't get international shipping tracking with the USPS now without  50$ charge.  Last time I was there, it's $50 no matter what size, letter, or package. O_o  You CAN, however, get registered mail, which is now the best safest because someone signs for everyone who touches it until it reaches you and is now cheaper than Tracking. o_O.

My shipping policy as it stands NOW.  I know the USA prices for everything.  
International Shipping is a nightmare when my post office and the foreign post office are requiring different things, like mine telling me You only need this, when the foreign post office and customs 
REALLY needs that!

Please, Contact me with your zip or mailing code and ASK first, and I will look up the costs first!   I don't want anyone to feel badly treated or shocked by sudden charges.  >.<  

Let me know what other things I need to do to smooth your package through customs and so forth in your country.  

After all, customers are not only my income, a roof over my head and food on the table, they are people who love dolls and want something special for their dolls and I'm honored to be chosen to make those special things.  I know how I hurt when I'm screwed over, and I don't want to hurt anyone else.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sewing Faux Leather

I've been having issues with this one particular faux leather for ages.  I only realized it was the same stuff after buying it recently on a potential commission and though, OMG NOES! it's the same thing!  I threw away a whole attempted jacket a few years ago.  (Do not get me started on the faux leather fetish someone obviously has in costuming on 'Andromeda'.)  As of Tuesday, I found out how to sew any other 'pleather' (poly-vinyl leather) but this blasted brown one.

I went through pages and pages of googling and even begged the people at MJTrends where I bought it for help late at night when I should have been asleep!

Then I finally kept Googling everywhere and anywhere and noticed something on an industrial web site.  I tried it.  It worked!  This is after going on a spending spree I didn't have the money to actually do at the moment (hello health care mandate...) and buying this special needle and that special needle, a special thread and baby powder and tape and tear away stabilizer and a teflon sewing machine foot and all the other stuff I really---didn't need!  None of it addresses the REAL problem here!  Not ONE of those things!  Ah well, I'm sure I will eventually use all that.  My walking foot (a sort of mini steam roller type sewing machine foot) has always stood me good before, but not with this particular stuff; the visibly harmless and buttery soft 2-way stretch matte brown vinyl, some sort of species all to its self apparently.  O_o  (I can sew that nasty shiny rubber wear stuff too! dear god one of my dolls needs those pants, ROFL!)

Behold the proof!  with a sloppy last minute attempt at a bound button hole, which will go much better with hand basting, but hey, being able to make it look THIS good on the sewing machine, score!  Of course it's a sample so the stitching is in white for visibility.  The gathered piece is a quicky from memory run of the collar on on the one coat in the new Star Trek: Wrath of Sherlock (heh-heh) and a normal seam along the 2-way stretch, with top stitching.  It's late in the afternoon, I'm dead tired from fussing over this and to me, that button hole is a crowning achievement.  Wait till you see what I can do when I have had a good night's sleep!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Classic Millitary Trench Coat Available for Custom Order

Patterned from a vintage dolman sleeved trench coat, and offered in your choice of color in Kona Cotton.  Can be pattern sized to any doll, boy or girl, with proper measurements given.  $110 before shipping, with style additions available at extra charge to make an Aussie Drover's coat or Pinkerton Agent's western coat.  Loose fitting and stylish, with working buttons and pockets.  Detail intensive stitching, fully lined, working belted straps at the wrists and shoulder, rain cape in back, and rifle patch on front.  (A military style coat, the rifle patch originally kept a rifle from rubbing into the fabric at the shoulder. The working shoulder straps were to buckle on a case or satchel strap for ease of traveling.)  The result is an actual 1/3 to 1/6 version of the original vintage trench coat.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Silicon Suede-ing a Doll

Pupa Paradise has silicon sheets in stock, 15 cm by 32 cm and 1 mm thick, for 3$ USD at this posting, and a very nice tutorial up on this page.

I'm going to swipe all their neatly labeled and credited photos here just in case the page goes down or someone cant get to that site for any reason. All credit to Pupa Paradise and these are their images.  I'm going to restring a few of my dolls soon and slap some of this in where the mole skin (slides all over and falls out after 6 months) and hot glue (really, really bad move....glues the joints together in hot weather, hell to get rid of) didn't work.

So, go take a look around at Pupa Paradise.  Oh, and THEY ship right away, it's the Hong Kong postal service that drags things out. It can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, but well worth the wait for DIY eyes and stuff like this.  Service on their part is fast, communication with customers is good and I like them.

Photo tutorial under the cut.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ciel Gets Camera Time

Ciel is off the shelf for the re-patterning of the Detective Greatcoat in a size that's his horizontally but not vertically.  He's been dreadfully neglected lately and as the first doll in the house, is getting a complex about being left to collect dust and *gasp* cat hair.  For some reason my cat thinks Ciel is his, since he was a baby at the box opening and bonded with Ciel faster than I did.

Photos under the cut. ^_^

Finally, Blogger! Comments work!

I think the lethal combination of Ad-blocker and Google and its preventing comments and commenting has finally been solved!  What ever that glitch about logging me out all the time was, they've done 'something' that's allowed me to use the settings fix.

I'm still screening, though, all those vampirestat and troll site hits in my stats are scary.  Sad to know %75 percent of traffic is just those creepy things.  I wonder what those sites actually get out of this, because if you're silly enough to click on the urls, all it does is take you to a page that says what it is.  And I have Norton for the other problems.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Trouble with Freya Part 2: Solved!

So, in the saga of poor Freya, with all the moaning and whining going on, I'm not one to leave a problem alone.  Having her just fall to pieces like that, either it's lack of sleep or the blasted hot weather, but yeah, cry like a big sissy on my part: I think so.  My dolly broke!  WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!   >.>;;

Anyway.  We fussed over it and put her back together and then while I got to work on dyeing some fabric (another thing going right today! Yay!) the BFF said, it's not her head, it's her neck.  It's too round on top and the tube is just too wide for the string. So after making the top of the neck more like a cone than a mushroom (should have, but didn't photo, I was busy!) and rolling up some card stock and stuffing it down her neck, YAY!!!  No more broken neck!  Freya-kitty-Jazzcat will be much better with some YoSD string, and the silicon grommet on the top of the neck, but she's not a broken sad little kitty any more.  She's still wobbly on her toes, because the elastic is very thin stuff for making barbie sized clothing, but she's ALIVE!!! Mwahahahahaaaa! (okay I had to do that.)  I'm so very happy, she's just adorable!  Now while I wait for the new strings and my Pupa Paradise order, I can pattern for her and paint her up.

Her eyes keep doing their own thing. I need to make her cat eyes.
I love how her tail poses.  Didn't fuss with it much in the photos, but it's pretty cool.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yay! Labels!

My label order finally arrived!  They are a bit big, but I can fold them and put them in seams.  I'll find a way to make them unobtrusive.  But now I can 'sign' my doll clothing! ^_^    

I got them at Heirloom Woven Labels.  These are nicely tight woven, professional looking labels that do not break down and fray away in the laundry, or stain clothing, not cheap printed ones.  I've used them before in sewing for people.  They sent some samples of their other items as well, and all are very lux.  This company has the lowest minimum order and the best prices for a small business.  They also do the other tags and things; clothing care, sizes, etc..  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another Doll: Hujoo's Freya

Edit: She needs so much work, poor baby!  
Further Edit: post clearing up the whys and where fors. 

A good friend, Arashinoookami, whom I know from manga fandom participation is BJD-curious and we've been going back and forth for a while now about dolls, and everything about them.  And she mentioned the Hujoo Freyr as a good starter doll, because she's familiar with figures and kit figurines (omg the Tiger and Bunny figures, wow! I was not aware 'gundam' type figures could be so fantastic!).  I thought she meant Freya which I had sort of blipped over before.

Junkyspot's Hujoo Freya/r

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Commissioned: Detective Greatcoat for Aernath's Supia 65.5 cm

The British Detective Greatcoat, with added working waist height pockets, for a
Supia 65.5 cm Joshua.

Note: Post moved up to start date for Project organization: Sept 3

Paid in full through Etsy order. Fabric in stock, Charcoal wool, with working upper pockets extra, and presumably the little red buttonhole. ^_^

To be started in first week of September and delivered before the end of September.

Addendum!  Aernath sent Photos of her doll in the coat!  Yay!  

Composite of the photos: Aernath's Supia Joshua as Mr. Holmes

Commission: Sherlock lounging outfit for Zenith

MonkeyGraph's Sherlock lounging outfit is now officially on the boards for next month! ^_^
The same outfit is also pending for another customer who was sweet about splitting the fabric.

Note: Post moved up to Start date for Project organization: Sept 3

Robe through Sherlockology, not sure about the shirt and pjs image. 

Commission: Idealian 72, Awesome Pants for Ophiaca

Ophiaca on Den of Angels' updating commission report.
Note: Post moved to up to Start Date for project organization.  Sept 3, 2013

This is why I do this work!  I would have never seen such an awesome designer's work without other people pointing the way.  I can already see some more fabulously complicated designs by this Designer I would love to try for my own dolls! ^_^

The designer is Rick Owens and I do hope I can do his designs justice.

Kahki Green fabric for this pair.

Red-Brown for this pair. 

More under the cut link! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Customer Wait List

STATUS:  Closed until we find a new place to live or have a portable generator and figure out how to work that sort of thing.  

Uncertain Timing
   is uncertain.

Finished and shipped:

1. IPLemons

2. Youkaimoon.  01

3.  SpookyBoo

4. KingofCrowns

5. Mewcat

6. MonkeyGraph 01

7. MonkeyGraph  02

8. Youkaimoon  02

9. Aernath  01

10. MonkeyGraph  03

11. Ophiaca

12  Pristine Crimson

13  KH  

14   AB 

15  Aernath 02

16 Youkaimoon 03

17 Fishcake

18. MonkeyGraph's 04

19.  Fishcake 02

20. JR of Quire

21. Aernath 03

22. Cadmuss22

23. Winnie

24. Fishcake 03

25. Aernath 04 

26. G.H. 

27. 'D.V.D.'   


29. MonkeyGraph's 05

30.  Cadmus22 02

31.  GH 02

32.     N. Smith Korean Hanboks

33.  Yhlee

34. Fishcake 04

35. L.P

36. Lilsgirl

37. Fishcake  05

38. RJyu

39. Skello   (paid in full, customer wants hold on shipping to bundle orders)

40. Eric 02

41. Lils Girl  02

42. Cadmuss22  03

43.  LilsGirl 03

44. Skello 02

45. R.P.  (A failed order on my part, but instructive so check it out.)

46. Eric 03

47. Anandoll 

48. Fishcake 06

49 LilsGirls 04

50. Cadmuss22 04

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Espoir Project: Mori Bunny

Note: I've renewed this post with the current date for sanity sake.  The original updates are still labeled.

If you've read the news posts and review on the Espoir on BJDCollectasy, you'll know she is a mid-mid range doll, so my 1/3 Jiji is a bit tall for modeling, but my 1/4 Kiki is too short (she really looked silly in these pantaloons, LOL!)  Espoir is made by Ludivine of WooDolls, and so adorable!  (must---resist...).

You can follow BJDCollectasy's side of this project!  Part 1!  and Part 2!

WooDoll "Espoir"                                     My Jiji

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Idealian Calais Cloud Goddess Part 2

Youkaimoon's Calais commission update report, Part 2

Part 1 is here. 
Note: this is the inspiration dress, silk satin and cotton do not drape the same. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dragon Doll MSD Kiki Hip Socket Issues / Modification / Repair

Kiki has never been able to stand up properly.  She's a Dragon Doll MSD with an Only Doll head.

Here's her back story.  I got a free imperfect head as a New Year's gift from JunkySpot, and after about 2 years, thought I'll mod it into a kitty girl.  Then she needed a body (which is the evil of free heads...I later sold it and got the Only Doll from MoC) so I got her a Dragon Doll Body, because I love my Dragon Doll SD Jiji to death and she's perfect.

So I get the MSD body (from Mint on Card when they carried Dragon Doll) and it's strung...very oddly.  And I think, well, someone was in a hurry, and re-strung her properly, and she still didn't behave. One string for each side, arm and leg.  Totally flopsy! I restrung her and she was still flopsy. Then I thought, well maybe it's a length issue because she can't stand up straight, I could take a bit off the offending parts and fix her.  Nope, all the parts are the same length.  In repose, she's a beautifully manufactured doll, just like her big sister, Jiji.

See how she's tipped?  It's subtle but it's there.  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Doll History and Company Fail

You would think a big name 150 year old company that had a sewing pattern cover with a doll on it would know what the doll was, wouldn't you?  "Oh just get a doll and put the clothes on it, we have to go to print!" must have been what someone said.  Not a bit of concern for what they were dealing with, no credit to the original company or anything.  I guess it saved them from dealing with the modern publicity hungry company.

This is the first photo that shows up on the catalog page for Butterick B5864, a pattern I was sort of looking at as a potential source of measurement information for my files, because someone had asked me about the little girl type dolls I don't have much affection for. Actually, I think they are CREEEPPPYYYY, but I blame Chucky for that.

Current Butterick Pattern link might go away after it's out of print.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just How Things Work! Courteousy of Christian Dior

What a wonderful thing to find on Couture Allure Vintage this morning.  This is the perfect example of all the work that goes into a couture garment, and BONUS! (yes, I know caps mean yelling, that's how excited I am by this little jewel of film-ery!) it's DIOR!

Ah, this dress, a black rose in motion, so gorgeous!  If you watch you see the line sketch spread of how the dress looks from ALL around, and just--everything!  Brain candy! for a stitcher/designer.

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011 | Making Of | HD

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

65 cm Soul Doll Zenith Sherlock Suit

Updating progress report for MonkeyGraph for an Etsy commission:
2 shirts (white and deep purple) 1 2-piece suit (black), paid in full on Etsy for her Soul Doll Zenith.

Image Credit:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cosplay Makai Ishi Mephisto, 72 cm Dream Realm

So, this is Part Two of the project.  Part One is here.

Now that I've finally got the new eyes, I'm not so certain they're right.  It's not the size of the iris.  It's that the whites look so--white?  The color is gorgeous!  It's exactly what I wanted when I ordered them from Safrin Doll.  I will now order all my doll eyes from Safrin Doll.  I like that they are flat back, without the crazy high dome that interferes with the sockets of so many of my dolls.  I love their range of color combinations.
But I think I'll switch Kyou back to his smoky purple ones for this character.

I've got to the point where I have all that hemming on the cloak to do by hand.  Just in time for a triple digit heat wave.  So I photographed him this morning, sans yeux still.  Oddly, total attitude.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Want a Discount on Your Custom BJD Clothing Order?

If you have a doll I haven't worked with before, I have a deal for you.

One of the best ways to make a pattern for a doll is to make a masking tape and paper towel fitting shell.  It's like making a mannequin.  This is the same method used by haute couture design houses where each customer has a mannequin on hold in their size.

From Claire Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Techniques

I have tutorials for torso and lower body fitting shells in PDF format.  If you have a doll that isn't already in my size range, and are willing to make the shell, snip the shell it up the middle of the back and mail it to me; please let me know, and I will apply a discount to your first garment order, and future orders will be as simple as just telling me what you want (and paying up of course! ^_^).

Your fitting shell and basic patterns will be kept on file and adjusted to what ever design you come up with for me to make for your doll.  All your future orders will have the patterning fee (this can vary from garment to garment) removed from the factoring, and your order will move along anywhere from a week to two weeks faster because we won't have to mail test fittings back and forth on most garments.

Ciel Phantomhive is not amused. 
Now for the 'fine' print: This deal is only for new customers who have put a deposit down for a garment order in progress, or have previously ordered from me and want a new item made, not retroactive to previous order's prices. You must use masking tape, (the light brown, easy to peel off painter's tape) no wider than 1/2 inch, unless you want to tear small pieces, and paper towels.  It's really quite easy.  After the shell is made, you snip it down the back seam to remove it from the doll, flatten it and mail it to me in an envelope, along with all the measurements listed in the tutorial.  The discount will be applied to your current order immediately on my receiving the fitting shell or shells.  All of your future orders will receive the patterning discount.  It is not retroactive to previous garment orders for a refund.  

A good example of how this works for fitting long distance is at BJDCollectasy in the Espoir Designing a Custom Pattern tutorial.

Masking tape is inexpensive at hardware stores and places like 99c and dollar stores.  If you're paying more than $2 for a roll of 1/2 inch wide masking tape, you're in the wrong darn store. 

Post Edited and Corrected to clear up any confusion! ^_^

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Idealian 72 (68 cm really) Girl: Cloud Goddess

For Youkaimoon's Idealian Calais, a soft, floating version of this bridal dress in Kona Cotton. The pure sculpture of the dress and the doll herself will take over from the glitz. 

Idealian 72 cm girl bridal dress

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Doll Cosplay Plans: Makai Ishi Mephisto

I sort of fell in love with this odd ball manga, 'Makai Ishi Mephisto'.  It's beautifully drawn and set in the 'Demon City Shinjuko' universe, of which I just found out there is a whole series of novels going back to 1988.  Dr. Mephisto is a re-occurring character in them, and the manga was started in 2011, but my info says 2012 and a second volume coming 2013.  I'm already stalking it at CDJapan.  The artist is Shimotsuki Kairi, who does 'Brave 10' as well.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

65 cm Soul Doll Zenith: British Detective Greatcoat

Updating Progress Report for the Detective Greatcoat, ordered by MonkeyGraph through my Etsy shop, for a Soul Doll Zenith.  This is a custom order, paid for in full.

Ball joint doll detective greatcoat, sherlock
The coat as modeled by my Kyou (Dream Realm Black Crow)

The Charcoal wool (as shown) with dark grey lining, black buttons and specified: tiny red button hole for collar button.  

Ordered on June 11, 2013; with a 2-3 weeks shipping or sooner, making the due date July 2, 2013.  I anticipate the 'sooner' will apply.  Custom made ball joint doll coat will be shipped on Customer's final approval of photos of finished garment. 

The Zenith body is 1 cm narrower in the hips and 7 cms shorter than my model, the Dream Realm Black Crow.  Other wise, all measurements match.   

Updates below the 'read more' link. ^_^

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1930's Asian Influence "Hawaii"

It took me a while to photograph this dress on Jiji because I've been so distracted, but today she grabbed her body back and posed very nicely.

Another variation of my one size fits all shirt dress pattern.  I went with a loose cheong sam (or Qipao?) influence, combined with the 1930's style of gathered and draped shoulders, to match the fabric I bought as fat quarters.  I decided after a lot of agonizing to focus on the black printed Kanji characters and to ignore the upside down Japanese Grass Hand writing.  Because of the dual Asian influences on a 'modern' 1930s vintage look dress, I decided to call this pattern Hawaii.  Now I'll look for some "Hawaiian" look print to make up a few more in, and down size the pattern for the MSD girls as well.

Ball Joint Doll Clothing, SD Girl Clothing

Ball Joint Doll Clothing, SD Girl Clothing

Saturday, May 18, 2013

1950's Style Travel Journal Day Dress.

I'm almost perfectly happy with this pattern now.  I still need to make her a real 50s crinoline to wear under her dresses, that summer eyelette lace dress is popping out all over the place.  I got the bodice a fraction short on this re-pattern, and it's still a bit more loose than I want it to be.  I'm going to go with the largest standard SD waist measurement the third time around so that it's still 'one size fits all'.  The belt will do the rest.  I was practicing my pie slice points on this one.  One sleeve cuff came out just a tad square at the point but other wide, I'm really pleased with the technique I got from a number of vintage sewing books.  Fine stitches, double stitch, clip mercilessly.  Again, the pocket on this dress are only for show, if she put her hands in them it would weigh them down awkwardly so I don't bother.  I thought this print was all in french but when I looked again, only some words were french. LOL! Fail on my part.  I had a heck of a time matching the thread.  It's not brown, it's not beige, off white looked too yellow, and finally I went with a pale grey and it worked!

1950s retro ball joint doll dress

1950s retro ball joint doll dress

For the other fifties projects, the sweater is still in pieces, and the Butterick one is still on hold in the project drawer, while I finished up a major project for BJDCollectasy.  Check there for updates and my recent tutorial will show up.  I had so much fun with the totebag one, I'll be doing more as some of my ideas are accepted.  

The Yukata Project

For ages now, only my big 72 cm guy dolls have had yukatas and men's obis.  It's the first step toward getting them something to throw on while I'm patterning for them.  But my girls have been neglected.  So with the yukata for the Cardcaptor Sakura commission, I'm working out yukata patterns for my SD Girl, my MSD girl, and my YoSD, Cherry-boo (AKA Sakuranbo), who will get a boy and girls' obi.  Cherry's too little to bother with that pick a gender and stick to it stuff.

I've got a vintage 1950's Chinese cotton print for my SD girl with some pale leaf print for her obi, a very 60s looking modern cotton for my MSD girl with a faux marble cotton obi, and a silly remnant frog print and japanese windy swirl print for my YoSD.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just a bit of Doll Humor not wearing underwear.

Why is it the first thing 89% of the human population does is check dolls for panties?  ROFL!  I don't bother with them because it gets caught in their joints and gums up things.  The elastic on the legs makes it squirm right into their leg joints so posing them is a problem.  All my dollies go combat.

And now I know I have to dust.  >.<;;  Glass shelves...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Commission: Cardcaptor Sakura for a Dollfie Dream Sister

Commission for Mewcat at Trinity Complex: 3 outfits.

This is a cute one!  Traditional yukata and obi, seifuku, frilly dress!  Clamp always has a fascinating array of costumes for their characters.  I did some online research to find the back views, not sure about the back of the Obi on the yukata, but it looks like it might be a standard floppy bow with fringe on the tails. The double points on the back of most outfits in Cardcaptor Sakura (the pink uniform) seem to be a theme with this manga/anime.

cardcaptor sakura costumes dollfie dream sister Ball Joint Doll clothing
Images by Clamp: Kinamoto Sakura from Card Captor Sakura 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Obsessing Over the Sweater Knitting

I was using this 2 ply fingering weight yarn doubled up to make the collar and cuffs of my own sweater and finished the knitting on that yesterday.  So now I'm hoping what's left is enough for either a full sweater or a v-neck vest for my doll.  I'm using all the information I learned and blogged links to here, to resize my 1950s SD pattern for the thinner yarn and size 1 needles.  So far, so good.  I'll write up the new version and keep both, then down size it for MSD, and I'm working out the boy patterns for my SD Lati guy and big 72 cm Uncles later.

I have all these notes for the Butterick project and the muslin is still in the sewing basket on the machine table, but this is eating my brain!  This is a nice caramel brown stuff, and I want to embroider it with autumn leaves in red, orange and pale green with gold metallic outlines.  Then make a big one for myself!  I'll have to take it with me to match the color.  Too bad it doesn't show up on screen as pretty as it is in reality. Even the oatmeal sweater isn't the right color in this photo.

May 13, 2013 update on the project.  I had just exactly enough of the yarn to make the entire sweater and sew it together.  The pattern works beautifully for size 2 yarn!  I need to test it and adjust it for size 1 (sock or fingering yarn) now.  The next step will be using this pattern to make variations of sweaters from the 40s and 50s.  

June 14, 2013 
I'll be finishing putting together the caramel sweater soon. I just want to redo the pattern instructions before I do the embroidery on it.  And then my doll needs an outfit to go with the sweater!  And brown shoes.  I'm thinking a 1950's blouse with a cute collar, a plaid pencil skirt, ankle socks and attempting some brown suede cloth loafers.