Thursday, January 30, 2014

Focusing on the Good News from Now on.

The hubby has gained 3/4 of an inch voluntary movement in his left hand in the 3 weeks he's been home.  Literally 1/4 an inch a week seems to be the standard.  He can move his left foot toes about the same amount.  He says it still feels like permanent pins and needles, though.  And he still has that one muscle that's just locked up in his leg.  But he's adjusting very well and despite taking paint off all the too small doorways in this place, we're adapting.  His speech is now completely clear, but he still gets very, very tired easily.  He's not showing any of the signs they warned about such as inability to control his emotions or temper or any of that.

He saved me two hours of fussing today by editing the update photos for the customer's report posts.  Granted, the photos were not that great because I took them, I was dead tired, and the light in that room sucks after sunset for some reason, no matter how much light I turn on and aim at the table top.

I've been putting more and more time into the sewing despite all the stupid things that come up, like forgetting that for his blood/cholesterol tests he was supposed to fast for 12 hours and having to go back again tomorrow. >.>;;  They want his blood sugar low I suppose. I thought fasting was for scans and electronic things, not for blood tests.  As we adjust more and get the doctor stuff over with, things will move along faster.  I just need to get more rest and after the move (we're still dead set on that one bedroom) and I don't have to lift so much heavy stuff, I'll be able to handle more of the fine work without the exhaustion shakes.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Business and Pending Moving Apartments

IF all goes well, the business will shut down from Feb 15 to 20th for us to concentrate on moving from our current apartment to the new one.  Email replies and updates will continue be a bit slow, naturally; and possibly quite garbled, full of typos and odd bits of alien language which I will conveniently blame on the auto-fill in my cell phone email set up.   

You know you are very tired and skeptical and just plain burnt out when Welcome to Night Vale becomes your new handle on sanity and the odd goings on make more sense than reality.  Think 'Prairie Home Companion's News from Lake Wobegon, but with an Area 51 twist.  

MonkeyGraph's Soul Doll Zenith: Captain John

The ever delightful reprobate Captain John will be on the sewing table in December.  The perfect project for Saturnalia.

Post bumped up and on the work table.

The black denim is in stock, the erm...what ever that is he's wearing for a t-shirt (half the universe in take out food?) I can deal with, and the red gaberdine is on order.  I have the gold trim and beads in stock.  And MonkeyGraph has obtained the boots, which I am dying to see!

I'm waiting on the fitting shell for this one.  Must have a fitting shell for jeans.  With BJDs there's a nuance to getting a pair just right so it doesn't ride down their butts or stick in their joints and make them impossible to pose.

Etsy Commission: Detective Greatcoat for JR of Quire's RSDoll

Commission paid in full, to be finished before the end of February if not sooner.
All fabric in stock, all measurements in hand.  I'll pattern as soon as I have some of the current work cleared from the work table.

Post bumped up for organization.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Commission: 2 more Dragon Doll Uncle Yukata sets for Fishcake

Fishcake was so happy with my work, she commissioned two three more yukata sets. ^_^
Deposit paid, fabric to be supplied by the customer. To be completed as soon as I can get to it.

Paid in full, post bumped up for organization sake.  Fabric recieved! ^_^

Photo courtesy of Fishcake

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

So far, so good. But then it's only 6:23 am. >.>

So on with the Happy part of the New Year.  And guess what! In 30 days, we get another Happy New Year, (Lunar that is! ) in case this one fails probation!  Cool, no?  ^__^   (And it comes with that Pony most of us still didn't get for Christmas.)

Best Grumpy Cat EVER!

And my first Seiyuu crush in his Gintama chara form pretty much personifying "Fate" in my opinion.  Fortunately, he gets his butt kicked often. 

All three images swiped from Tumbler, Grumpy Cat, and Gintama
And now I have this urge to watch Samurai 7 again.  If you haven't seen that anime series, DO IT!  It's a science fiction swing on Seven Samurai, with some deep seated conflicts of war and invasion worked in.    This is not a children's animation; it's bizarre, strange, and yet compelling thinking about why people do what they do from a surface view.  Our Pacific Asian Museum in Pasadena did a wonderful Summer film thing on comparing the anime series to the b/w movie Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven in a Kurosawa overload.