Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fishcake Surprised the Hell Out of Me.

Okay so we come home from therapy yesterday, and I check the mail, expecting a pattern I had bought.  And in the box, is the big package box key.  O_o

Fishcake surprised me with another body!  I was so knocked off my feet, I accidentally emailed (thank you 'smart' phone) the wrong person, asking them if they were nuts, LOL!  I must be a true friend because we all know "a true friend will help you hide the body."

Not awake enough for clouds, yet, just geometrics this morning.
I don't know who was wobblier, me or the doll. O_o That right knee....
She is a Soom Super Gem older body, not the new improved with more magical boobie power body, and most wonderful thing of all, fits Only Doll SD girl heads, and my transgendered Only Doll boy head, Anthea, as well as some of the SID heads, like Jessica and Cherie, according to Fishcake.  I can put Rin on her and powder her face down a bit to match the color.  ^_^   I might cut a bit off the top of her neck to bring her into proportion, as Rin's head sits pretty high on it.

She's missing ankle caps for the flat feet and running around with someone else's heeled feet, but I have high heels, and can make new caps later.  My Dream Realm guy has ankle caps, too, so I have a model to work from.

Once again, this is a wonderful investment in my little business and more than appreciated.  She points out in email that a lot of people would like clothing for the EID and the Soom Gem girl, and I can always up size any patterning from the older body to the newer bust for the new Soom girls, and this is just awesome of her.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Commission: Volks SD17 Doll Boy Mod/Georgian Coat And an Alteration for Freya Nano

This post is updated to reflect Cadmus22's change of doll size for the coat.  ^_^

Cadmuss22 on Etsy commissioned and paid in full for a Mod version Georgian era coat, of which my sloppy sketch is what we are going by.  Have I mentioned I'm not very good at drawing.  This was a doll clothing company coat that I believe does not come in the doll's size, so yeah, I'm making a knock off.
This order is to be filled in early May.

Also, I'm altering a darling ready to wear outfit for her Freya Nano (which I have agreed to let her send round with the outfit, because it's so tiny! I don't have a reference!)  The measurements listed on the outfit didn't quite match, and the poor little thing is just swamped in what is a very adorable outfit!  There is a vest to match, as well, but she didn't get it into the photos.  I will do my best to make it look right without totally dismantling it and making it over again.
Photo provided by Cadmus22

Fishcake Gifted Me An Iplehouse SID Gal!

I'm still not sure what her IH bust size name is, but wow!  She's a heavy one!  I don't have the whole story yet, but apparently after giving it a try to mod her neck, it was hide the body time.  *laughs*   She sent the cropped piece with the doll so it's there, just not reattached yet.  After hearing all the hoo-ha about the older IH girls not standing without major modifications, and the weak side knees thing, it's nice the company got that sorted.  She stands very nicely.  I may already be suffering from the Iplehouse virus. >.>;;
Cloud bikini strikes again!
So now I have a headless girl, and promptly dubbed her 'Antoinette'.  She may never have a head.  She can be the White Lady, or Marie Antoinette  or if I ever get over my burn out/revulsion for Elizabethan costuming (theater overload)  Mary Queen of Scots.  I'm seriously thinking I might try my hand at making a head.  Her resin is caramel gorgeous, and it hit me like a day later, how very, very generous this gift is.  (I'm still very mentally slow from everything).

I did some looking around a while back and the best suggestion I got was to make a neck piece of epoxy putty then build up the head from there.  Now that I have an incentive, putty and LaDoll that's been sitting around getting old, I might do this.

Fishcake is definitely on my wonderful people list.  She's been a rock all through this set back.  She has a wonderful hand for art and a neat sense of humor. Thank you, dear Fishcake more times than I can type without alarming the grammar nazies!

I also managed to get the fabric Fishcake sent for Yukata, the very nice tan, black, and red key pattern, made into an Uncle size yukata and man's obi for Doll-A-kon's charity actions and sent along an older yukata set with a snap on bow obi for MSD girls.  The snaps can be moved if it's too tight or too small for the doll who gets it.  ^_^  I'm really hoping to be able to do something much more fancy for next year's Doll-A-kon.  We'll see if there is a theme to work with or something.  ^_^  The MSD one is the green floral with the gold splatter obi fabric (I didn't photo Kiki in the finished set, for some strange reason.)

In the meantime, back to waiting forever for the new lighter weight wheel chair.  The insurance okay'd it finally, and the right one, the right company, the right--everything this time and the bits are finally on order, but it's still looking like mid-May before we get the thing.  My aching back!  Edit: I just realized that waiting for dolls should have taught me a lesson in waiting for custom wheel chairs, but NOPE, still impatient!  And seriously, every right to be, this was supposed to happen back in March.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Commission: A Black Suit and White Shirt For Aernath's Zenith

One Basic Black Suit and white shirt for the Soul Doll Zenith.
Paid in Full, on the work table for late May 2014.

Swiped from Vogue Patterns V8890 because I are a lousy artist. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My New Model Girl, Rin

She's that Only Doll Zhou Yu head I was waffling over there for a while and ordered in October 2013.   I've finally decided on a name for her.  She came a few weeks ago, when I made the final payment.  For a tiny while, I debated selling her out of guilt.  When the hubby had his stroke, I was looking forward to her arriving at Mint on Card and paying her off ASAP.  We discussed it while he was in hospital, and he said to keep her.  After all, she was already half paid off, the payment was only a half a tank of gas a month, and I can ride my bike most places.

For a doll head meant for a larger doll, she fits Jiji's Dragon Doll Gen 1 body quite nicely.  Jiji's original head is a bit large in proportion to her body, too. The natural yellow skin is a bit lighter than the other Only Doll yellow skin, but I can tone that up to match in the face up.  I like how she has a more mature looking face for anime cosplay.  I really want to dress her up as Karina from Tiger & Bunny to start with, but who knows when I'll get time for that. O_o

Usually I have to do something to a doll, either a nose bob or some slight work around the eyes, to get the exact look I want, but I'm glad Rin came default perfect for the look I've been searching for. Now I just have to get that overcooked MSC to work without flaking off, and find some time to paint her face.  From now on, I'm ordering MSC in Winter. 

It just cracks me up how they add what looks like 2 cup sizes in the Blue Rose hero outfit's bust region.  >.>;;
That's a B to a D.