Monday, July 28, 2014

Still Catching Up!

I'm trying to not post too many personal posts, but yes, I am working on everything, along with all the medical and PT appointments and having the car fixed and blah blah blah boring repetitious omg stuff that goes on.  Why is So Cal so damned hot in summer?  How can a flat built in the late 40s not have allowed for better air flow?  I just pray we don't have to deal with THE BUS.  That's more than a time suck, it's a death sentence to time and function in So Cal.  It's ONLY a catalytic converter, I will simply refuse to go anywhere until it's replaced once the car is in the shop.

End of random omg wtf-ery, but yeah, I'm determined to catch up with all the orders as soon as possible, and that means more time on the sewing machine, less online.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Yukata Sale Commission: EID Hero Body for G.H.

Paid in full and scheduled to ship by July 21, 2014.

One pure white, cotton yukata and obi for an Iplehouse EID male with super hero torso, using the slightly longer sleeve of the female traditional version.

Image borrowed from (and that fabric! OMG, WANT!)
Link to the how to tie a man's obi is Here. ^_^

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, U.S.A!

Rita Hayworth as part of the WWII Buy Bonds Campaign.
Just a little reminder to be proud, to invest in your country, and stand up for it.
And of course, cheese cake. New York cheese cake ~_^

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hats! 1930s that is!

I just noticed on my blog follow list someone else had used the same title, that makes two days in a roll I've had to edit fast. O_o
I was just lusting after patterns on Etsy (yeah, I know...window shopping is bad for the soul, or is it good for the soul, I forgot.  But then I have a receipt here somewhere for my soul anyway.  I think. I know I paid for my Dragon Doll Zilong with it. >.>;;)  BACK to reality!  HATS!

OMG, I love Subversive Femme!  She not only has the absolute BEST knitting pattern collection, she has HAT sewing patterns!  PDF file vintage out of print/copy write HAT patterns!  Just the kind I was wishing would turn up!  And as soon as the bills are paid, I'm snagging one!  The B versions are easily adapted to 1940's type.

Subversive Femme's Etsy 3.99 USD PDF

Now I just need to get a Vogue Fedora pattern and shrink it for my 1930's yukata and haori guy vision for Toshi

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What Archive Collection, McCall's?

I forgot to mention, didn't I?  That I'm cramming all my sewing interests into one blog now?  Oh, are you in for it.

I got into dolls to be able to indulge in my desire to sew vintage, retro and manga made up fashions without stuffing my closet to bursting (again).  When I see something interesting in fashion, I want to replicate it, to see how it's puzzled out, what was in the designer's brain, how it was translated to pattern, and how it was made!  It's like a gear head looking into an engine (the car failed smog yesterday, BTW, now it's the CAP program for us. >.<;; more government hoo-ha.)  I want to take it apart!  I want to seeeee, oooo how did they do that, I want that!

So this morning, joy of joys! the rumored McCall's line of retro patterns appears on Lilacs and Lace's blog!  I had sort of been keeping an eye out for this, because the Vintage Vogues for the past few years have been one 'party dress' after another.  The same skirt, a different bodice and bang, off to the printer to lure more collectors and re-sellers on Etsy and Ebay.

While Lilacs and Lace points out the obvious (and her commentors as well) I'm going to point and bitch analyze my thoughts and misgivings on the patterns.  Never mind the distracting grey wool.  The colors of the time were more 'fall' and 'jewel tone', not dull grey black and white like the movies.