Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last Call for Photos, and Knitting

(Edited to add photos)

I finally broke down and sent out email and PM requests today.  ^_^  I'm rather nervous about the interview thing.

Also I need to clean up my blog.  Some posts are still showing as in progress when they have been finished for months.  O_o

January 1st, I started a knitting pattern from the fabulous Subversive Femme's collection of vintage patterns that I've really been wanting to do for Spring, and realized half way up the back that while I have a short waist (this is NORMAL on this planet, long waists being very odd, despite fashion models) I have a bit more rib and shoulder than the more compact gals of the time period.  Plus, I have monkey arms.  Seriously, 23 inch long arms.  I'd have to add more for the sleeves and I was running out of needle space half way to the elbows.  If the sleeves were separate,  I'd have done them.  I hate working on those plastic cable needles and ditched all of mine after I finished the knitting class ages ago. I may still separate the sleeves from the body and redo this pattern basically as is because I love it.  The pattern being wonderfully complicated looking and simply not, (a very lacy cable design) and dolman sleeved, I passed on attempting to re-calibrate it.  It's not that I hate Math; we just agreed to part amicably and not FaceBook each other after I got my A in Advanced Algebra, which I never use anyway. >.<;;  Plus, I kept twisting the cables the wrong way when stressed and over tired, and having to go back and re-hook them.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The UFO Project: Summer Clothes

Re my previous post, part of my resolutions to get things done this year, the denim and fake fur trimmed jacket was ditched.  The denim that I originally thought (3 years ago O_o;;) was thin enough was definitely NOT, not even for a jacket for one of my big 72 cm guys.  I had to figure out what pieces were missing and cut them out, because the pattern was a trial one.  Also, while the fake fur sewed up very nicely, when put on the cuffs and I tried to match the double top stitching  probably ate up half a 160 yard spool of thread by constantly looping underneath.  Seems like the fur was messing with the sewing machine's mind.  Maybe the next time I will have to top stitch before I put the fur on. O_o I still plan to make that jacket, but in a thinner fabric and a more completed pattern, so it did have a purpose for its time.  Just not for now when I've gotten less lazy about patterning everything before hand and toil testing.  

So, I did what I was taught to avoid temptation to pick it up the next day and try again. I cut that sucker in half and tossed it.  No more, it is dead to me.  I spent more than a week on a project that should have only taken a few hours spread over a few days.  It was thick, it was stiff and it was just icky when fitting on the doll, as well as all the stitching tension not behaving with that denim top stitch look I wanted.  UFOs have that issue.  They became UFOs for some reason.

Next in my UFO plan list is the green dot geometric blue stuff that had been cut into two short sleeve shirts and a pair of cargo shorts. It seems fairly harmless. I managed to sort out the pieces, which were carefully cut from 2 fat quarters, and figured out what bits belonged to who.  Nothing is missing.  I cut this stuff out when I only had Jiji, Ciel and Kyou to deal with, so it's been in a bag for a while. I can only assume it was put away at a time when I was super busy at school. The first run of sewing is done and it's ready for pressing and re-pinning for the next batch of early morning warm up sewing.  I love this stuff, it's sort of retro-fifties looking, but I only ever found the 2 fat quarters in a discount bin.

I believe Jiji was supposed to have a pair of shorts to go with this made from denim?  Not sure, it's very faint in my mind.  But at least sometime next week, Ciel will actually have NEW CLOTHES! for the first time in four years.  O_o  And I'll try to match the blue or the green for a pair of girly shorts for her later.  

One of the reasons I like a north south aligned apartment; sun in the Winter, shade in the Summer in the bedroom.  Tama has to be in his spot for a few hours every morning to soak.  I can't make the bed until he's had his sunbathing time.  

I've got a pile of Kimono in progress, all pins and threads and fraying and omg gorgeous mess to dive back into. I keep thinking I should photo it but then I look at the piles and think, enh, it's nonsense, better to have it more of a "this actually is a kimono" stage at this point.  O_o  I still can't get used to the idea that I can chat with friends online or upload photos without being charged a fortune for "breaking the Internet" or something.   It still stresses me and then I think, Oh yeah.... Thanks so much again to Fishcake and Aernath.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

UFO Sewing: Un-Finished Objects

UFOs in the sewing realm are un-finished projects that have been cut out, begun sewing, and then forgotten for what ever reason.  Life interferes, thread runs out, sewing machine has to go to the shop, something doesn't fit right, pattern pieces get lost, the due date for a present ran past, things like that.

I spent some time cleaning up drawers today and dug out all my BJD un-finished objects as part of the January Clean Up.  (Nope, no where near all my own closet's UFO!)

Missing is a stack of SD, one size fits most, cotton print shirt dresses for the Etsy shop, but that's the hubby's therapy cutting project.  He's working on pinning and cutting to learn how to use his left hand again to at least hold things. And this isn't even counting ziplocked baggies of fabric, patterns and notes for what the fabric is for!

Top row, from right to left;

Green geometric on blue: Beach shorts and top for Ciel, and I think, Jiji has a blouse in there as well.
Pale pink: blouse for Jiji
Light blue splatter geo on blue: A summer dress and shrug for Jiji
The head I plan to paint caramel to match the SID body Fishcake gifted me.
White on light blue; Shirt for my big guys.
White on smokey blue: Shirt for big guys
White on Burgundy: shirt for big guys
Tabaco: Slacks for big guys
Umberella print: Shirt for big guys

Bottom row from right to left;

Beige print: Top for Jiji
Denim: skirt and jacket for Jiji
Leopard on Pale pink and pink satin: Suit for SD girl for Etsy shop.
Pile o'black: Gakuran for Ciel (I wish I could find the buttons they use in China and Korea for doll gakurans!)
Denim: Jacket for Toshi.

So now these are all in one of my plastic sewing area drawers, and I'll see how many of them I can get finished in the coming year.  The plan is to pull one out and finish it in my (haha!) spare time.  Most of them are tried already patterns that I've made before and will go together in a few hours, IF I JUST sit down and work on them on a Sunday, or commit to sewing them all by hand and take them with me to appointments.  I lose more time in appointments.  Hours and HOURS of time, if I don't take anything, but if I DO take something with me, we get called on before I can even get my project out of the bag. *twitch*

I really want to get my doll head on the body before the end of the year.  I have that can of MSC to try again and eyelashes and everything, just no really inspiration to sit and paint.  I haven't even put make up on my own face more than 2 times in the past year. Now that I think about it. O_o

A bit of an update on the Printer problem fix: It's still working! The expiration date for the cartridge has come and gone and it's still printing.  It still tries to argue with me, but if I have my document ready to print and keep the printer turned off until the last minute, the over ride works right past that annoying little "this is a bad cartridge" notice.  However, sometimes I have to pat the excess ink off the printer heads on the cart when I haven't used it for a day or two before it will print cleanly.  Just pat the cartridge gently on a fold of tissue or paper towel and put it back in the printer.  It's worked for me quite nicely.