Friday, February 20, 2015

Dear Soom, Please Stop.

*sobs* I'm a married person!  It's a doll!  I should have known better than to look at the doll news. *bashes head on desk* damnitdamnitdamnit!

Is this not the perfect face for a Dean Winchester doll?  Lose the heavy eyeliner (really soom, stop it, or please just post bare faced head shots at the end of your fancy paint job ones!) and there you have it!  But then I'd have to buy the darned doll a scale vintage Impala. Not FAIR!

Soom is so evil.  
More face views here.  Sometimes you can see more of their doll's faces in the outfit listings.

I will now go bang my head on the wall until my brain stops screaming.  Sometimes this song is so appropriate to my doll mania. If you substitute 'dolls' for 'robots' isn't it just too true for most bjd fans?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What a Custom Stitcher Can do For You

When you want something unique, that fits a specific doll, or a certain look you like but can't get in that fabric or color, ordering a custom commission is the best way to go.  A custom sewing person can take your design ideas and make them into reality.  If you want an outfit you've seen in people fashion for your doll, you can have a custom stitcher make it for you.  Just as you can chose a doll from one of over a hundred companies, and have your dolls face painted by one of hundreds of artists who are expert in the business, you can have your doll's clothing made by a seamstress/tailor.

I take orders from images taken from fashion, drawn by artists or just a collage of images with "this here, that over here, something like this but not quite" noted on them.  I make it to your doll's measurements, so you don't have to worry about getting something in the mail and being all excited about it, just to have it be too tight in one spot, or huge in another.  You can be the fashion designer! You can be the first if not only one to have an item.  Your character doll can have it's own unique outfit that fits your vision of the way the character looks.  Perhaps you can find parts of your 'look' from ready made but are missing that unique jacket or coat or skirt your character would wear?  Everything is up to you.

I pre-wash all fabrics I work with that are safe to prewash, to get the stain causing dye out of them, as well as to pre-shrink the fabric so your outfit will not shrink after being made.  Most owners think they might not have to ever wash doll clothing, but think about it.  Even if your doll sits on a shelf for an extended period of time, it gets dusty, dust sinks in and becomes a dulling factor, stains or dirt.  You need to be able to at least rinse your doll's clothing out occasionally.  Think about the nightmare stories you've seen about doll clothing items on Tumblr and Den of Angels.  Even wigs should be soaked in room temp water for a few hours to release the dye in them.

If you want the right look, the look that's perfect for your doll, and are frustrated with hunting around for months, settling for something that's 'close enough', but not perfect, consider a custom order. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I've Spent the Morning Online, Now I Must Get a Life

Okay after yesterday's incident in Hancock Fabrics, and some PTSD, a nightmare about being stuck back in theater, and soul searching, (nope didn't find it) I've calmed down. But seriously, for a minute there I thought they were going to chain me up in the back room or something, LOL!  I'm a free range seamstress!  No being chained to a sewing machine in a 105 degree in summer, 45 degree in winter, ex-automotive repair garage ever again for me! I've done my time for the muses of comedy drama, #$%^&*&^%$!! them!

Yes, I've had some traumatic experiences in sewing, both in theater and for private customers in my custom sewing business in the before-dolls era.  However, things have changed a lot.  There are more people interested in Vintage and Retro, as well as Steampunk and Weird West and all those fun riffs on historical clothing. So yeah, maybe I'll screen very carefully and have some real fun, rather than incur more trauma. I'll screen very carefully over anything Bridal.  (Shudder).

I've spent most of the morning (what vacuuming...?) working on reviving my blog, Dressing Cats.  Sadly, I've already wasted a bunch of ink (as evidenced by my stained fingers from refilling with the help of a nosy cat!) printing some quicky business cards with the basics on them, totally not putting my email or my blog addy on them, and having to reprint 50 cards. But if you google my email address, you will probably end up here.  So if that's how you got here, go over to Dressing Cats. I've also moved my current Human project over there, the Crown Royal Jacket Project, which is going quite well but I haven't got photos to update the past few days.

For some damned reason the USPS failed me once again and my tutorial project has not arrived at BJDCollectasy.  >.<;;  I hope that little envelope/package didn't get lost or misplaced along the way, but because it was the size of a greeting card and a little over 1/2 inch thick, it is one of those things that like a pair of doll's eyes or an order of magnets, can easily get re-routed by post office gremlins.  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

All Caught Up!

Outside of the Crown Royal project which is for this month, and the tutorial for Valentines I'm hoping will get there on time, I'm all caught up and trying to de-stress from all the tech breakdowns and running around to appointments.  I'm desperately seeking sewing work for the last week of this month and so on.

I was thinking of trying to get a part time job outside the home, now that we've supposedly 'recovered' from the economic slump in the U.S.A., but Hubby and I have assessed his level of dependence and after a few triall days of seeing what he could do on his own, nope.  Plus, I'm not sure what's going on with my thyroid and back, and just had another rather painful biopsy.  I need to see the doctor again.  Running my own doll clothing business would still be my first choice even if the Manthing hadn't had his stroke.

Seriously, I want to make my doll clothing business thrive.  This is my dream from childhood, except the 'people' I'm sewing for got smaller!  I have so many plans!  Stacks of ideas I want to see made real. However, 'plans' don't pay the car registration this July.

Tama helping out with a lighting check before doll photos. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Commission: L.P.'s MSD Heian Era Lady of the Court

Updated for Finished photos, below the cut!

This is an order for September 2014.  Deposit paid, awaiting decision on fabric and layers.  Final cost to be determined by the layers, real and false. O_o

And with the Heian Era that takes some doing.  O_o  The court was mired in poetry.  To the point where official documents had to be in acceptable poem form to be taken seriously.  We're talking traditional high end traditional Chinese style poetry, not three jug sake Haiku.  Government mandated Haiku documentation would be awesome, no?

Driving in L.A.
    pot holes abound in the street
         auto repair bill

This is just the basic; the train is missing along with the extra shoulder piece.
Check out Shrioki Kazahana's wonderful historical cosplay blog

I know, I suck at poetry of any kind.  But, I do have a signed Certificate of Poetic License from Prof. B. and I am so proud of that thing!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Commission: Fishcake's Soom Vesuvia 4 Kimono

Post updated for final photos under the cut.

I've often wondered about the tailed dolls, since so many people have them. I think of them as a 'figure challenge' rather than a 'figure problem'.  Fishcake has commissioned two split back kimono for her Vesuvia.  As you can see, that's not just any tail stuck on with a magnet.  Like the mermaids, she's articulated and interesting. Step back some, Kim K.  THIS is booty to stare at.

Order updated to add 2 more kimono.  ^_^

Snagged from Soom Emporium
Order paid in full, completion in December.  Customer sending fabric.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wrapping Up A Couple of Orders

I'm just about finished with Fishcake and Aernaths' kimono orders. The doctors appointments are driving me insane, and they seem to think you will just drop everything and be here and there and everywhere, to sit for hours past the time. Yesterday we had to go to an appointment that had been set for a month only to find out that we never got the phone call OR the letter in the mail letting us know there had been a change. (And we just found out that they hadn't gotten his Eco-cardio thing after 3 weeks!)  Then I got a call telling me my appointment for 10 am this morning was moved to 10:45 and after I got there, I had to sit for nearly an hour before going up and asking what the heck?  I'll finish up the last bit of sewing today and start the photographing tomorrow, so there should be photos up by Pacific time evening.  I'll up date the post dates so that they will be above this post. I want to do some very nice photos for a change, not just bang it's done, packed and go.

In the meantime, I'm a bit happy that the doctor's people are getting that 'crazed look' in their eyes when they find out someone sews.  Some mention of uniforms was made by the staff to the doctor.  I should probably beat up my printer and make it print me some business cards!
(Maybe then I'll remember my own phone number. >.<;;)