Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update On the Surgery

Hubby came through his surgery just fine.  It's just that now he needs audio books for a few days, is going nuts and yeah, a bit of a pain in the arse.  But he didn't 'stroke out' again on the anesthesia, which has been our main fear (and was not helped by the warning they gave us before the surgery.)  Plus, I had been told that I could wait at home, (it's only a 15 minute walk) but then was stuck for 6 hours sitting on my hands told not to go anywhere while they took forever just to take him in to surgery and 6 more while he recovered, but we had a book to read to him so he wouldn't go mad. I went insane trying to be all brave and not panic, which I would have indulged in at home to get over it, (and thrown myself in house cleaning or sewing to pass insane time.)  The poor cat was probably ready to hire new helper monkeys since we were away from home so long.

Now Hubby looks like Dracula after a night on the town and an attempted exorcism gone wrong.  The incredibly blood shot eyes and bloody tears are 'normal'.  I have to keep telling myself that.  Basically they stitched his eyes back in and sitting there while the doctor adjusted the sutures after 4 hours, and not being able to have a look at the sewing job drove me nuts. Let this be a lesson: wearing a helmet doesn't mean s**t when a car side swipes you on a motorcycle.  This is something that happened ages ago showing up now (progressively ruining his eye sight).  The accident literally knocked his eyes loose in his head.  He'd had a mild concussion at the time, but everything considered, this is from traumatic head injury.

Now I'm wondering what else they'll find wrong with him, this insurance thing is 50/50 good/bad; with full coverage, the doc's always finding something else wrong with Hubby that needs to be done RIGHT NOW, OMG! .  Me on the other hand, "You need anti-depressants!"  GRRRRRRR!

And there is SOMETHING scrabbling at the wall between us and the garage this morning, I woke up at 4 am with the cat fussing and I thought he was chewing the cords to the computer or something, but he was on one side of the room and the usual "i'm chewing cords, get up and feed me" noise was on the other side.  SOMETHING is in the garage scrabbling at the wall board, a mere two feet from our pillows, and I'm expecting it to work it's way through if this keeps up. It's either a lizard, a mouse or a bird that's got stuck in there, which they do.  It's small and scrabbly and not making vocal noises.

We saw the most fabulous full sized and immaculately clipped and groomed poodles yesterday being socialize to the hospital as service dogs, they looked so LUX!  A full size poodle (they used to be stag hunting dogs!) is a beautiful animal, they move like a ballet dancer.  But the super poofy head pompom sort of spoils that, *snicker*   Fashion wise, yes, Style, I'm conflicted.  The dogs, they don't care!

Enough babble, more coffee and back to work. O_o Finally, I can get BACK TO WORK!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Busy Week Coming Up

Just a quick notice, I'm sort of dropping off the planet this week, web wise.  My husband is having his surgery this week and I'm not sure what the complications will be.  I'm hoping that they don't do anything to make his condition worse, but frankly, I'm terrified.

I'm still working on orders, the Sukeban project is down to the line today, actually, and will be ready to ship tomorrow Monday, but when I can get to the post office this week if the customer is ready to have it sent is another matter.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Commission: Lils Girl's EID Girl Wardrobe

Lils Girl has commissioned a wardrobe for her gorgeous EID girl.  I have a deposit, her fitting shell, and will be working on sorting out all these really neat fabrics and going through her idea for clothing in the next month or so.  The Liberty Prints are just wonderful.  We'll be looking at fashions inspired by the 70's, (which were informed by the 30s and 60s,) but are definitely in the 20-teens modern line up.

 Lils Girl has plans for a BJD blog more fashion than fantasy style, so when she's ready to promote that, I'll be listing her blog here.  

I think it's true that a lot of fashion centric BJD fans get sidelined by the dominant Fantasy BJD trend.  Even the more realistic fashions of the Iplehouse and Freedom Teller lines are still sexist fantasy more than utile fashion. Fashion BJD fans, in my opinion, want the style of Fashion Dolls but are put off by the frozen faces and lack of poseability, while the majority of BJD still are deeply rooted in Fantasy.  Iplehouse and a few other companies are filling the need for more realism in Dolls while Soom's fantastic creatures are more 'realisitic' in their own right, but damned difficult to dress until you get the hang of their alien proportions.  Personally, I like to set my marker in the fine line between realism, and the fashion style manga artist use.  And I do like a well dressed kitty cat.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Slowly Slowly Getting Ready for the Eye Surgery

I don't know what the heck is up with our Doctor's office, but last week when I went for MY check up, I confirmed my hubby's pre-op physical.  So yesterday after hiking up there (omg my leg muscles hurt) they say "What appointment?"  So we had to sit there from 9 am to 1 pm.  >.<;;  Waiting to be fitted in.  So much for having an appointment.  Second problem.  "We can do the EKG and Xray here"  "You're sure? O_o" "Oh yes!"  "You'll do the EKG AND the XRay there?"  "Yes!"

Guess what?  No, they can't.  *SCREAM!*

So I sat there and called the hospital where he's got a Pre op check up tomorrow as well, THEY will do the EKG and Xray.  Thank goodness!  I didn't want to push 230 pounds another 2 miles to sit around and wait for the work at the lab.  Starving much!

So yeah, I'm slowly catching up with customer projects, but working like a pack mule drains me big time.  It's no use taking a bus, it's the same distance to the bus stop as it is to the hospital, and the bus doesn't go to the labs we have to go to without more hiking, so why bother.

Saturday morning around 3:30 am I got woke up by neighbors drunk or drugged being too loud.  After asking them to STFU I get hauled out of bed again by YOW YOW YOW.  Stray cat.  So from 3:30 am on, I had to listen to this sweet little barely 2 month old tortoiseshell/calico tell me all about how she wanted to get out of the carry case and take over my house, terrorizing my little guy, and me worried about fleas and finally got to walk up to the animal shelter (down the street from the hospital) with her to turn her in at 10 am which left me dead for the day.  We can't afford the big bucks she would have ended up costing with vet bills, additional apartment pet deposit, etc., but damn, I wanted to keep her, because she reminded me so much of our Meimei, who was in agony from arthritis in her spine and had to be let go in 2011 after only 13 years.  But she had a very good life for a kitten thrown out of a car in the crappy gang ridden area of Santa Ana.

Our Meimei, much missed.

So I decided that since I couldn't donate much of anything (though I am going to make an X-mas basket of cleaning supplies according to a needs list they have over the next few months) I decided to volunteer for the shelter and got my "show up for orientation" email today.  ^_^  It's the first weekend of the month, which puts it well after the hubby's eye surgery, so we'll see.  I'll post more on that later.  It's an all volunteer run no kill shelter and they just skid past being outsourced to some evil corporation or worse, PETA the animal genocide people, and doing such good work.  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Commission: For JRyu an AOD 1/4 girl Sukeban Outfit.

NOTE: Post moved up to make it easier to find.

Slated for starting very soon, but with a deadline of May 30 or less, (Yeah that worked out >.<;;)  a ganguro outfit based on being a very tough young lady.  Sukeban girls insist on being treated like a lady, or you'll pay the consequences.  The odd thing is, I was contacted about this order just after having read "Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno", a book on the various gang girl 'tribes' and their outfits.   So yes, this IS traditional Japanese clothing, in that the skirts were popular in the early 1900s, and again in the 1970s when maxi length was 'in'.

Deposit paid, awaiting measurements etc.  ^_^  The company ones look as usual, totally Whack.  The customer sent me the big three, and the hips are 1 cm bigger then the company page says.  That could have caused a huge problem if I weren't such a fuss budget about 'clean' measures from the actual doll. >.<;;

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Commission: For Eric, David and Venitu, Cowboys

NOTE: Post moved up to make it easier to find.  July 4, 2015

This is going to be brilliant!  First of all, gorgeous dolls, classic works of art, and then the awesomeness of cowboys.  If you've seen the David I made a classical Japanese outfit before, this is the guy.  Working with a fellow doll artist is pretty much a major high for me.  It's better than working with some actor in theater. >.>;;  Anyway, I've got the fabric photos and a deposit to start on, and we're looking at the last two week of May, plus. I'm going to have to make muslins for the jeans and test fit on this one.  With the dolls involved, we want those jeans to fit just right.  Two shirts, one with piping, pearl buttons snaps, one pair of new blue jeans, one pair of old blue jeans.  I can't wait to see the custom boots and things being made for the dolls!

EH? It's July? O_o

I've kind of fallen off the planet the past few days.  The humidity and heat are destroying my mind along with the thyroid thing.  

My visit to the doctor Tuesday was interesting.  Apparently my labs finally showed up the thyroid thingie to the point where they believed something MIGHT JUST BE WRONG, oh wow much! I insisted on the goal of having the rest of the useless junk out and being able to take medication and got her to admit that Anti depressants were dangerous to thyroid patients!  You CAN NOT take Levothy-whatsits and Anti-depression meds at the same time.  I want OFF this roller coaster! More blood work. >.<;; And a promise of finding yet another endocrinologist.  Mind you this was just the nurse practitioner, the doc's still convinced all I need is anti-depressants.

The Hubby's visit to the eye doc Wednesday has us all messed up appointment-wise again. I'm still trying to get the other surgeon to settle his appointments so we know when to get all his pre-op tests and NOW we are told he needs another surgery to scrap some junk off his retina from the last surgery.  OMG, GROSS!  But yeah, we're now running in two different directions and everything is up in the air until we get it sorted.  I can't even make my own appointments this month because of his or I'd be at a doctor's office more than I'd be home! And I don't think it's such a great idea to do so many surgeries on the same eye so close together, I mean, he should heal from the internal before they pop his eye out of the socket and do the external.  Odd how much he has in common with the dolls now.  O_o

Project wise, I'm catching up.  The detail work I've taken on is not easy with the heat and the thyroid bs going on, but I've been working each day and making progress, I just don't want to photo update until I've got something 'pretty' to show for it.  I'm also having a hard time finding the fabric I had put away for the 1/6 projects. This is what I get for 'organizing'. I remember distinctly seeing it and now can't remember where I organized it off to. I'm giving myself until Sunday to find it, then buying more.  (only to have it turn up after I spend the money).

Nearly forgot, I finished the July tutorial right on time yesterday!  Go me!  Now for the next month.  It'll turn up on BJDCollectasy soon.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Commission for Skello: 1/6 Action Figure Misaka Mikoto

NOTE: Post moved up to make it easier to find.  July 4, 2015

Misaka Mikoto, from season 2 of A Certain Scientific Railgun ( Toaru Kagaku no Rērugan )

It's been a long time since I've worked with 1/6 range action figures, so we're starting with a simple commission of 1 t-shirt with a false under layer and painted on hearts, and 2 pairs of cuffed shorts (khaki green, denim blue) with working pockets.  This project has a 'work on in between' timing on it, because we're waiting on the doll to be delivered, and I have to adjust to the tiny details in the patterns.